Do not use the TikTok, the parasite and tool of the Monitoring

195 – Downloads TikTok always uphill. His fans are scattered in different parts of the world. But, apparently, all people like a new social media app from China.

Steve Williams, CEO-forum online Reddit, for example, called the TikTok as “parasites” and “spy apps” aka spyware always monitor the user of the marking device (fingerprinting).

“( The app TikTok) is Always listening, technology fingerprinting You are using very scary. I don’t want to install the apps on my phone,” said Huffman in the conference venture capital Social 2030, Last Week.

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“I always say to people, ‘do not install spyware it (applications include) on your phone’,” continued Huffman, as compiled KompasTekno from The VergeSunday (1/3/2020).

Hear the allegations, which remain difficult to Huffman, TikTok still. A spokesman for the TikTok placement of your arguments. “This is the allegation unfounded, without any evidence,” he evaded.

“Fingerprinting” as it is called, Huffman-tracking-based audio-and browser to find out what users watch and share a video, either via the app, TikTok and the Website web.

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Byte dance as the owner of TikTok said fingerprinting exactly at the time of detection of harmful programs that secretly in browser. However, a security researcher found a Website that TikTok can still run but can smoothly Script tracking turned off.

In addition to Reddit, the social media giant for US, Facebook, connect, expressed concerns about the TikTok by COO Sheryl Sandberg highlights in the home country (China).

“If the people Concern about the data, I think there are many things to be afraid of,” said Sandberg.

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It should be added that Facebook also has its own problems in connection with data and privacy, as it plays in the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica 2018, the personal data of tens of millions of users of Facebook.