Do Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are moving in to your own fairy tale palace?


This is the perfect place for Lord Disick and his Lady.

With about 22,000 square feet, this oasis offers all the luxuries that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie you can imagine … and then some!

The happy couple start their home search at the end of the season Flip It Like Disick, and it’s completely safe to say that both parties are impressed. After a conversation with Cooperthe real estate agent about putting your current home in Hidden Hills on the market, this led to a later conversation with Sofia about a possible change of residence (to a place that feels less like a “house party”), so Scott agreed to review one of the current properties of the agent. This is how the Lord and his Lady ended up in this terrace is incredibly picturesque in the heart of Malibu.

“That is to say, this house is a folly,” says the father of three, and you’re not wrong. Beyond its coastal views from the first level, the property of 19.9 millonesde us$, formerly the property of Kelsey Grammar, presents a magnificent exhibition of outdoor grounds. The highlights include: a pond, pool, and a couple of tennis courts.

And despite the fact that the main house covers 12,000 square feet by itself, there is also a separate structure for guests. “This is a house of win-win”, exclaims Scott.

In addition to its ornate ground floor plan of four bedrooms and six baths, the amenities most exaggerated of the mansion turn out to be the most attractive. At least they are for Lord Disick, whom he would love to make use of the extravagant ballroom in the interior. “Who needs to go to New York for the Gala at the Met when you have the Gala of the Lord just down the street in my own living room dance?”, jokes.

And he is not the only one who makes plans. When Scott asks about the monthly costs of landscaping the property, Sofia intervenes to remind you about the “horses” and “horse stable” that they are going to keep out.

What, then, should we expect to see the pair making a down payment on this place soon? What or is there any trap here?

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