Do the beauty routine, John Mayer? Don’t love anyone


The secret to a perfect skin has John Mayer.

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There is not a single person in all the world that doesn’t care how it looks, especially when it comes to your skin, which means that, each year, millions of men and women will give away all your money to the dermatologists in search of a foolproof solution that will solve all your problems and put an end to his fight against dryness, wrinkles, over-production of fat, the beans, and the strange texture. However, according to John Mayer (yes, the ex of Katy Perry) what we’ve been doing it all wrong and the real solution is within us.

Mayer is playing with the idea of being a vlogger, or columnist of beauty (that I had already tried to in 2016 when he shared his routine of skin care in a “series” of Snapchat, which was called “Beauty Secrets with John” in which he spoke about their favorite products), and again to social networks to answer the question: “How is it that my skin is so perfect?”

This time, the response did not include miraculous creams $ 600, or treatment rare (of those that makes Kim Kardashian with his own blood).

According to Mayer, who definitely has good skin, the secret to having a complexion as amazingly perfect as yours (though nobody asked) is in being dead inside, specifically in not love anyone. In his video, the musician said “I no longer smoke, no longer drink, do not go out in the sun, not as, I don’t love anyone and don’t …”and that was the end of the transmission.

Yes, John says he is not in love with anyone, which has already exceeded to Katy and that is the reason that we see so well (although you have stopped the alcohol and smoking also have something to do with that), and did not make any mention of creams, masks or any other thing a bit more obvious for the care of the skin.

They say that the love grow, but now it also seems that you ruin the skin, and if you want to age in reverse, or to become a Dorian Gray (the character is “immortal” from the novel by Oscar Wilde), you need to celebrate your forever alone internal, tell your grandma that you miss the hope of seeing you with a girlfriend and dedicate yourself to being a hater.

What is this witchcraft?, ask, because we don’t know. Maybe John Mayer is a vampire, sleeps in a freezer, or used thousands of creams in secret, or perhaps, just perhaps, you have reason in what you say and you should not love anyone to see you as you want. Up to you to decide if this is a price you want to pay. But if that’s not love anyone as it is not your thing, then you can always consider using a good moisturizer, wash your face regularly and go out with a sunscreen daily.

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