Do with Batman as a leader? ‘Justice League Dark’ could leave out Constantine


With a series of solo, a series with companions, two animation films in solo and two animation films team, Matt Ryan has become the definitive version of the character from DC, so there are those who claim they will carry out the next adaptation of ‘Justice League Dark’ without Constantine

Despite the links canonical character with the Justice League Dark in the comics the next series based on that team should leave as well, keeping to Constantine at a distance for now, and leaving Ryan to finish his time with ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

While the non-specialist public you probably know, Constantine the movie Keanu Reeves 2005, the number of NBC 2014 Ryan introduced a vision of the character that is much closer to the comics.

Matt Ryan not only had the looks and the accent, but a deep knowledge of the comics and the character that comes from being a fan since long time before.

After that the individual series of the character was cancelled, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment turned to Ryan to repeat the role of Constantine in some animation projects, helping to consolidate it as “the” Constantine, in the minds of the fans.

Eventually he was taken back to the live-action, first as a guest star in ‘Arrow’ and later as a character’s regular series, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, where it has remained.

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With a series of Justice League Dark is in development at HBO Max and a story of a season very focused on Constantine, in the Arrowverse, it is easy for fans to worry that the time of Ryan as a character can be limited.

Until now it seems that the series of The CW has no plans to get rid of John Constantine in a near futureso that is the main reason that they will develop ‘Justice League Dark’ without Constantine.

Perhaps it is a better option, instead of asking the public to accept a new version of the character at the same time that Ryan continues to work his magic to appear in both productions.