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The actress of ‘Modern Family’ has had serious problems in his family and was emancipated legally at the age of 17.


Ariel Winter, the actress of Modern Family, has become the focus of attention of all the media for their desenfadadas publications on Instagram and their messages of protest, an image that has little to do with the harsh reality that he has lived in his family. Winter managed to free herself legally at the age of 17 after suffering the attacks of an abusive motherand is that its history dates back to their first years of life.

The actress made her debut in the acting world with 7 years and one of his first roles is in the remembered Kiss Kiss, bang bang. Since then, it has 63 credits in his filmography and it seems, most were imposed by his mother. “She was [una madre de escenario]. I think when I was born I had already decided what she hoped it was and I was pushed to the industry. That is what I wanted to do and pushed me to do this. What took precedence over what I wanted and needed,” explains Winter in an interview with Dailymail.

In October 2012, her older sister, Shanelle Workman, he received the custody of Ariel after denouncing, together with his father, that the mother was abusing emotionally and physically from it. Shanelle reported that she had also suffered the same attacks, although the mother has always been declared innocent; even met the statements of several witnesses who denied to have seen abuse of any kind. The judge ruled that there was no evidence of physical abuse, but psychological, which is why we took away the custody.

When you turned 17 years old he was able to emancipate themselves legally. Also he said: “I’m very fortunate to have a support system of amazing people and adorable in my life that have given me support and guided me to take this wonderful opportunity. The most important thing is that I want to thank Shanelle and my father for their special help on this issue. I could not have done it without them“.

The protagonist of Modern Family is reluctant to talk about this issue in public. As stated in that medium, “it is difficult to speak of it, and the reason that you have not spoken of it before is because it was very painful for me to see my mother go to news agenciesgo to [El show de] Dr. Phil and tell things from all sides when it comes to family matters private”. Fortunately for Ariel Winter, managed to escape from a toxic atmosphere to truly enjoy your passion for acting.

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