Do you know what is the Model of Sentinel Surveillance?


Listen the note:

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell, reported that in accordance with the model Sentinelfor the 3 thousand 181 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and observed in the laboratory, we would have an estimate of 26 thousand 519 infected that did not come to medical consultation.

The official explained that the Method of Sentinel Surveillance it is a scientifically grounded model of surveillance efficient that was established in 2006 and allows us to know how it behaves the pandemic in Mexico and how you have to make the decisions for disease control and prevention, in accordance with the reality that it is identified.

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He added that this model allows you to do a multiplication of each confirmed case and observed Covid-19, to account to the other for any reason did not take the test.

Considering the total of confirmed cases in the localities, a statistical inference and computes the scattering potential. To this is added the sum of reports of hospital admissions for respiratory illnesses that could be related to the coronavirus.

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