Do you know who Antonella Clerici’s second husband is? Famous in the music world

Antonella Clerici is an Italian journalist and presenter.. Today she is romantically linked to Vittorio Garrone, with whom she has been a couple since 2016. However, before this man, she had two marriages and a long love story with Eddie Martens, with whom she had a daughter, Mael, in 2009. Both of her marriages were very short.

The first with Giuseppe Motta lasted only two years, from 1989 to 1991.. He was a basketball player, and they met when Clerici was still an aspiring journalist. At that time, Antonella was working on local television in Lombardy. The divorce was led to by numerous work responsibilities that kept them at a distance.

Antonella Clerici -
Antonella Clerici –

A few years later, she meets her second husband and decides to marry him. Unfortunately, this time the marriage did not last long. However, in the next paragraph we will tell you who he is. Antonella Clerici’s ex-husband, who is not a complete stranger. It’s actually part of the music world.

Here’s who Clerici’s second husband is: now ex

Antonella Clerici’s second husband is Sergio Cossa.. He is a famous producer and they married in Manhattan in 2000. They were together for about ten years, of which only 5 years were married. They actually broke up in 2005. Clerici said that with him, despite the 17-year difference, she experienced real passion.

It was a great love, but after a while it ended. For Antonella, this was another setback. But do you know Sergio Cossa? Besides being very active in music, he was also a chef, or at least very passionate about cooking.. In fact, many say that he defeated Clerici in the kitchen.

Antonella Clerici and her second husband Sergio Cossa -
Antonella Clerici and her second husband Sergio Cossa –

In an interview some time ago, Clerici stated that she would have liked more understanding from Cossa, especially at certain points in her life. However, she considers the love she experienced with him a privilege. She did not talk much about the dissolution of the marriage, but only said that the reasons why love ends are never defined.

However, after Sergio Cossa, Antonella experienced two more great loves.. One ended, and the other is alive to this day. As we said, she was romantically involved with Eddie Martens, but the relationship ended due to alleged betrayal on his part. Today she is happy next to Vittorio Garrone and for his sake she moved from Rome to Alessandria.

Antonella Clerici’s career

In 1985, Antonella Clerici made her television debut in the film TV reporter. However, her first real opportunity came a few years later, in 1989, when she was spotted on RAI and chosen as a presenter. Get started with live sports, including: Dribbling, Domenica Sprint, La Domenica SportivTo.

From 1997 to 1999 he was on RAI 1 with One morning. He’s also in the cast Sunday season 1998/99. Clerici faces numerous opportunities. He makes a short transition to Media network but then she immediately returned to RAI, where we still see her today. In 2000 she was assigned Chef test.

Career of Antonella Clerici -
Career of Antonella Clerici –

The program was a great success, and Clerici was also chosen to host other programs. Between these Marry me, “Wish Train” and your own business. One of the successes in her career, of course, was her performance on the Ariston stage as a co-host along with Paolo Bonolis.

Subsequently, he films many programs, many of which are also dedicated to music and children. Even today we see her on television every day, from Monday to Saturday. It’s always noon. The program is a replacement Chef test which Clerici left because she was on maternity leave.

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