Do you leave the 10 to Juan Fernando Quintero?

River players appeared with changes of numbers in the preseason and everything indicates that they saved the 10 for Juanfer.

Jorge Carrascal appeared with a different number in River's preseason.
© GETTYJorge Carrascal appeared with a different number in River’s preseason.

River began its preseason in San Martín de los Andes with three new faces and several absences to begin preparation for the demanding 2022 that is coming. The Millionaire shared the first images of the campus work and it was seen that the changes not only correspond to the names of the campus: there are also modifications in the numbers worn by footballers. The most resonant was that of Jorge Carrascal, who used another number and everything indicates that he is keeping the 10 for Juan Fernando Quintero.

The Biggest began its activity this Monday and River’s social networks showed the players in the club’s training clothes. There the numbers of the reinforcements were known and it was learned that the heir to Leonardo Ponzio’s 23 will be Emanuel Mammana. However, the surprises did not end there because this Tuesday a significant change appeared, especially for fans.

Carrascal could be seen with pants number 25 going to training this morning. The Colombian used the 8 on his arrival at the Millionaire and from the departure of Nacho Fernández, he put on nothing less than the historic 10. Everything indicates that the change of number corresponds to the arrival of another footballer who knew how to wear that shirt like Quintero.

Juanfer put on 10 in 2019 after the departure of Gonzalo Martínez. He left the 8 with which he scored the unforgettable goal in Madrid and took responsibility as a figure of the team. During his time in Chinese Shenzhen, he also wore the same number. If the return of the Colombian to River takes place, the glorious jacket awaits you again.

Haircut for Carrascal

Carrascal also changed the look this preseason. The footballer had platinum hair on vacation, but when he got to Buenos Aires he decided to cut it off. Within the Millionaire squad they try to take care of these types of details and the coaching staff does not want the players to have hairstyles with a high profile.

River’s last 10

Jorge Carrascal

Ignacio Fernandez

Juan Fernando Quintero

Gonzalo Martinez

Thomas Martinez

Manuel Lanzini

Alejandro Dominguez

Ariel ortega

Erik lamela

Marcelo gallardo

Marco Ruben

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