Do you measure less than 1.60 cm? This small shop-style Ariel Winter is thought for you


“Imperfection is beauty”, as well said Marilyn Monroe. And for as much as you seem to, like the rest of the “mortals” not all of the celebrities that we see splendid possess the perfect measure, over one metre seventy, or keep aglow the veinticuatros hours a day.

In fact, as is the case with the star of Modern Family, Ariel Winter, there are more famous that we believe that, in matter of height, do not reach the meter and sixty. However, have been able to take advantage of your silhouette to look slimmer, choosing the clothes and add-ons appropriate for every occasion.

In the case of the actress Eva Longoriawith 1,57 inches of height; Reese Witherspoon with a centimeter less than the interpreter of hispanic origin; or Scarlett Johansson and 1.60 metres. But, what have we done to all of them to look higher? Something super simple and foolproof, just look at the image of Ariel: bet on nude shoes.

The flagship of sophistication and elegance more serene, stilettos and sandals nude have proven their versatility and functionality to complete any outfit. If this is already out little to your favor, its natural color get melt in such a way with the skin, which automatically extends visually the leg and slims the maximum in a matter of seconds. Don’t tell us that you still don’t have yours! Therefore take note of these 12 models that we show you in our shopping.