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Monica and Gabriela managed for a short time what many artists today dream with open eyes: to conquer the public everywhere, to win prizes, to sing in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

The problem is that the demands of fame are difficult to manage even for the most experienced celebrities. So it’s no wonder that after the mirage dissipates, some celebrities choose to pack everything up and get back to the pre-celebrity lifestyle.

This also happened to the girls from Cheeky Girls, Gabriela and Monica Irimia, who left Romania in search of absolute success. Today they both work in the automotive field, more precisely they sell used cars.

Gabriela works for a Hyundai dealer in York, UK, while Monica is a sales manager for the same brand in Lincolnshire. The two starlets born in Romania reached the front page when they participated in the Popstars talent contest in 2002, with a song written by their mother, in half an hour. They became a sensation overnight, and their single – Cheeky Song – sold 1.2 million copies worldwide.
That success was followed by four top ten hits between 2002 and 2004, they sang in front of 100,000 people in stadiums and traveled the world in business class.

The girls said that they felt the need to turn to the cosmetic surgeon to improve their look due to the pressure in showbiz. But things did not turn out as they hoped. The first operation was a failure. At Garbriela it was awful. She had one breast higher and one lower, oriented in different directions. Looks weird, said Monica. I lost control, I became obsessed with what I ate and gymnastics. I became anorexic. Then our production house went bankrupt. ‘

The reality is that they are not the only stars who have changed the spotlight for a regular job. For some well-known names in show business, the days of synchronously choreographed dance and fans in tears are gone.
Cheeky Girls are not the only stars who have given up fame for a slice of normalcy.

Freddie Prinze Jr., wrestling / wrestling producer –

Gene Hackman, writer

Kevin Jonas, (Jonas Brothers), businessman

Audrey Hepburn, UNICEF Ambassador

Cameron Diaz, author of motivational books.

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