“Do you want me to kick you out?”: A man’s shouting challenge to his son after being arrested

In lime, a young man was arrested for breach the curfew and he began to insult the troops who wanted to arrest him. After a while his father arrived who did not calm the situation but it raised it of tone. “Don’t be an idiot, there are times when one has to shut up”, he berated his son.

Someone who witnessed the whole situation managed to capture the moment when the father forced the young man to shut up with screams and uploaded it to TikTok.

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Although the video begins only with the arrival of the father, the episode began when the individual in question went out to buy alcoholic beverages during curfew. Security personnel noticed what was happening and decided to stop him.

There, the young man was enraged and threatened the troops. “How am I going to shit you, you have no idea who my family is. Funny, ”he said defiantly. At that moment, a struggle broke out between the boy and security.

The security officer explained to him why his son was going to be detained.  In the background, the young man screaming.
The security officer explained to him why his son was going to be detained. In the background, the young man screaming.

Meanwhile, he repeated: “Do you think you are the same as me? (…) you are going to stay on the street for who you are. Look at the face of what you are, you’re going to starve”, Alluding to his family who is composed of lawyers.

The boy’s provocations did not stop and when his father arrived he began to challenge him: “Shut up, shut up! Do not be a moron!”.

One of the police officers explained to him how the whole incident was and said: “As a lawyer, you know that the cameras are there and we are not going to lie.” In the background, the young man is heard shouting “Abusivos”, while the man’s response was: “I am not the lawyer, I am the father “.

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“You are no longer a minor. Do you want me to kick you in front of everyone? Do not be a moron. There are times when you have to shut up, ”exclaimed the father.

The young man insisted that the security force had tackled him and the parent launched: “It is not about tackling, it is that you are in a state of curfew. You were drinking liquor. Do you want to end up in the police station sleeping 24 hours? Then shut up, you idiot. “

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