Do you want to have a few ‘Foxy eyes’ without surgery? (and you look like Bella Hadid)


Baby, the truth is there are many ways to get a ‘Foxy eyes’ (eyes of fox), from makeup techniques to small aesthetic touches. We’re going to focus on makeup because it is the most ‘low cost’ and what you can do in your home. Takes notes.

This makeup is inspired by the big eyes and ripped that characterize the foxes. Hence the name ‘Foxy eyes’. The goal of this makeup technique is to lengthen and freshen the look with the help of eyeliner and lashes well marked. Believe it or not, this trend is more easy to make than you think and, in addition, you just need a few makeup products.

Products to perform ‘Foxy eyes’

A liquid liner in black and eye pencil white.


Start by drawing a triangle elongated in the interior area of your eyes with the help of the eyeliner. After you have to make up the area of the end of your eye and go over all the lines you have drawn to refine the shape.

Finally use a eye pencil color white, and fill with him from the triangle of the tear at the end of the eye, passing through the water line of the eye.

Do you understand this? The truth that you can not, since we are not, so we will show you an explanatory video in which the official makeup Gigi Hadid explains it in the following tutorial. And yes, babe, we thank technology for making this a wonder to wear divas, royal, and costly during this quarantine (or at any time).

Watch the clip: