Doctor reveals hidden dangers of eating reheated rice

Some practices are so common in our daily lives that they seem There is no doubt that Or, at least they don’t seem to think risk some for us healthy.Of course, this is what happens with common things like reheat a plate rice.However, the doctor Ethiopian ContrerasA doctor who shares medical education content warns Danger this may result in Poor preservation this food.

“The truth is, when you prepare the rice and put it in Room temperature For more than an hour, a type of Bacillus cereus It spreads.This will release some spore remains on the surface of the rice, even if reheated, they will reach survive why is thermosetting“, explain.

this result Clinical picture of the process acute gastroenteritis And, if you don’t pay enough attention, these can lead to fever, tachycardia and chills; all these indications septicemia.This pathology includes the presence of bacteria in the blood and the consequent situation to the organ.

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