Doctor Strange 2: Movie Star Confirms Illuminati Cameo Details

Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 didn’t explore the Multiverse the way many fans hoped. Many cameos that were rumored to be true didn’t turn out to be true, but you’ll still encounter familiar faces throughout the film. They can be found, in particular, when the Illuminati of Terra-838 appears. This, in particular, John Krasinski like Mister Fantastic Patrick Stewart with Carl Xavier Lashana Lynch like Captain Marvel and Hayley Atwell with Captain Carter. However, conflicting rumors immediately spread regarding their actual presence on the set.

For example, Magneto’s replacement is believed to have been used at some point while scheduling issues were noticed. Daniel Craig forced to give up the role of Baldur the Brave. The biggest surprise, of course, was Krasinski’s Mister Fantastic, an actor with whom Elizabeth Olsen she confirmed that she never crossed paths on set. Now the actress playing Captain Carter Hayley Atwellshowed that many of the Illuminati cameos were actually filmed without the characters standing side by side.

Speaking of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the actress is now in theaters with Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One asked about this sequel sequence Doctor Strange and said: “No, John Krasinski was not there, Lashana Lynch was there, Patrick Stewart was not there. So that was weird…“. So while Captain Carter and Captain Marvel were clearly meant to be on set at all times, the rest of this group’s cast is pretty fluid in that regard. Atwell also recently expressed her disappointment with her live performance cameo as Captain Carter.

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