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Cough itself is not a disease.Is a our body’s reaction Keep our airways clear.In any case, this shows Something makes it difficult to breathe.

Then the nerve fibers in the throat send a signal, and a reflex action occurs, which is this spasmodic discharge.this causes of cough They are very diverse. From a speck of dust to pneumonia or a heart attack.

What are the types of coughs?

We can distinguish six different types of coughs:

  • dry cough.The reason why it is called so Does not produce mucus. It can last a long time because it irritates the throat more and causes more may be because COVID-19, asthma, allergies, or reflux.
  • tobacco is a Special dry cough,Depend on chemical product Pungent tobacco. More common when getting out of bed.
  • Wet cough. This is a productive cough, with mucus.this is normal cold. It is the most effective because it helps drain mucus, which carries infection-causing microorganisms.
  • barking cough. The voice became hoarse and louder.We compare it with throat inflammation and have respiratory problems children’s.
  • Persistent cough due to runny nose. If mucus does not flow out of the nose but continues into the esophagus, it can irritate the throat and cause coughing. This can be caused by a deviated septum or very dry air (such as in a heated house).

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