Doctors at Carrión Hospital save the life of a baby with a rare form of necrotizing cellulitis News

The little girl, whose initials are GZT, was released after almost three months of admission to Alcides Carrión Hospital, where VAC therapy is used, a system that uses negative pressure to facilitate and shorten the healing process.

Regional Governor Ciro Castillo Rojo and hospital director Elena Figueroa are closely monitoring the little patient’s progress to ensure she receives the necessary care .

The minor was rushed to hospital in late April with a life-threatening injury to his left hip.. Necrotizing cellulitis is a rare and life-threatening disease that destroys subcutaneous tissue and requires urgent and aggressive surgery.

Dr. Enrique Ríos Hidalgo, director of the Plastic Surgery and Burns Service, said this was an exceptional case due to the patient’s age and disease progression.

“This pathology is rare in such small infants. It is usually associated with risk factors such as diabetes, obesity or immunosuppression. Furthermore, it often leaves important sequelae such as deformities or loss of function. Take GZT as an example thanks to With VAC treatment, we have made positive progress and his recovery is on the right track”, explains Ríos Hidalgo.

Specifically Faster wound closure time, fewer bandage changes and less pain For the sick. In addition, complications such as fistula or bleeding are avoided.

Wanting to benefit more patients with difficult-to-heal wounds such as pressure sores, burns or trauma, the Carrión Hospital plans to expand the use of this therapy to other specialties such as vascular surgery or dermatology.

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