Doctors warn of rise in childhood pneumonia and vulnerable respiratory disease

The Secretary of SIMETRISSS confirms a sharp rise in the number of cases in a week. To date, 400 people have died from pneumonia.

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August 8, 2023 – 10:59

In recent weeks, specialist doctors in the private sector have noticed a significant increase in the number of patients with respiratory diseases caused by co-infections and an outbreak of Covid-19 cases within the country.

The number of pediatric patients with pneumonia increases significantly during the holidays, Rafel Aguirre, secretary of the Union of Medical Workers of the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security Institute (SIMETRISSS), explained in an interview with TVX Morning.

“As we’ve always said, when a new strain of covid-19 emerges, there are demonstrations in the population, and we’ve seen an increase in flu-like illnesses from last week to date,” said internal medicine specialist Aguirre .

30 people died of pneumonia in the first half of July

He added, “covid-19 is being replaced by flu and other viruses, and two weeks later we are seeing an increase in pneumonia and respiratory symptoms in children who are quite vulnerable.”

Dr. Aguirre also explained that during the holidays, the General Hospital of Rome, as well as the Ilopango Medical Center of the ISSS, were “crowded” with patients suffering from diseases related to these diseases. Aguirre stressed that the authorities are called on to pay more attention to these issues and to strengthen their management, since they are centers for the care of pediatric patients.

As of 22 July, epidemiological week 29, the authorities of the Ministry of Health recorded 400 deaths related to pneumonia; 73% were persons over the age of 60.

Incidence rates reflect an increase in patients under the age of five, totaling 6,478 cases. According to cumulative data registered by the health authorities, a total of 12,653 pneumonia patients were treated.

In an analysis conducted by the authorities, 82 cases of influenza A and B have been detected.

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Doctors warn of rise in childhood pneumonia and vulnerable respiratory disease
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Holiday Epidemiology Report

The authorities released the epidemiological surveillance report for the August holiday period, with 8,861 cases of acute respiratory infection, 190 cases of pneumonia, and 1,401 cases of diarrhea and gastroenteritis admitted. The data was collected between August 1 and 6 of the same month.

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