Doctors will attend cases of COVID-19 only with protection


The president of the Federation of trade Unions of Workers in the Service of the State (FSTSE), Joel Ayala Almeida, decided that the doctors, nurses, other paramedical staff and the administrative admission stop providing their services to patients infected with COVID-19, in case of lack of the materials of sanitary protection.

“The workers of the branch health care provider must be equipped with the fundamental: having the face mask of high-density, mask glasses, gloves, gowns disposable,” said Ayala Almeida, in a radio interview with journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva.

Noted: “Workers who do not have this preventive safety of the transmission of the virus, they are not going to participate in the care of patients suspected of contagion”. This measure of protection, he said, must be “from yesterday”.

“Only with protective equipment, workers will be at the forefront of this health emergency; those that do not have materials will be a separate, unrelated, they will not participate”, said the leader of the Federation of trade Unions of State Workers (FSTSE).

“They are vulnerable to the transmission of the virus, and we would have a bigger problem, in spill generalized”

This decision is assumed, emphasized, “for his integrity, prevent infection, as has already been cases of doctors, nurses, health care workers that spread to his family, the rest of which cater directly”.

They have to be “armoured”, since otherwise, “they are vulnerable to the transmission of the virus, and we would have a bigger problem, in spill generalized”.

Referred to by the president of the FSTSE that since last year his organization and the unions of the SSa and ISSSTE, warned of the shortages of inputs, as well as medicines, “soap, “he said.

Reported that the FSTSE has put at the disposal of the health authorities to the spaces of their federated organizations, such as the same central trade union to be installed hospitals intended for the exclusive attention of patients to positive COVID-19.

“The hospitals are saturated with patients of various ailments”, and those who have COVID-19 must be isolated, he said.



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