Does Alexis Ren tricked Noah Centineo?


We know that right now you’re thinking about who would be able to put the horn to Noah Centineo and the fans believe they have the answer: Alexis Ren, what?!

Of the night to the morning, following the release of To All The Boys, Noah Centineo, earned millions of fans and up to the nickname of “The boyfriend of the Internet”, because lit, conquered thousands of men and women, teens and not so teens, but who conquered him was Alexis Ren, a model who rose to fame by his former relationship that is viralizó by being a “couple goals”. Now Alexis models, is an activist in favor of environment, and is a former Noah Centineo.

The breakup is already confirmadísimo after a movement that Noah made on social networks, and it has already eliminated all traces of Alexis de Instagram.

The fans began to speculate that this action of Noah means that the relationship with Alexis ended not at all well and was even able to have a infidelity by means, as the actor of Netflix is very relaxed, both inside and outside of social networks but this time to unfollow you gave it to Alexis, so, there is something suspicious there.

The fans believe that Noah does not want to see Alexis or painting, what will be truth to these speculations?