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Does Alina Pușcău regret her love affair with Vin Diesel? The actress talked about him, just a few days ago, just before he got to the hospital bed: “I was very young and I thought differently …”

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Alina Pușcău offered incendiary details about her past love life, but also about what she wants from her partner. The model told how the relationship with Vin Diesel went, but also with Leonardo DiCaprio, two of the well-known men, with whom he fell in love over time.

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Alina Pușcău, about the love affair she had with Vin Diesel

Alina Pușcău is one of the most beautiful women in Romania and has had a resounding success abroad, where she has been established for many years. In addition to the impressive career she has built in recent years, the beautiful Romanian also enjoyed the love of real stars, because she went to the arm of celebrities like Vin Diesel or Leonardo Di Caprio. Recently, in an interview given just a few days before she fell ill with COVID-19, the model stated that she did not regret the relationship with the famous actor from “Fast & Furious” at all, because at that time she was very young and had a totally different way of thinking. the one he has now.

Alina Pușcău

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Moreover, Alina said that she and Vin Diesel broke up amicably and remained friends, and the brunette even met his wife, with whom he currently has three children: “I don’t regret the relationship with him. I was very young and I thought differently. Our paths parted. It didn’t work. We are friends, we talk, I met his wife, he has three children. I was small then, I don’t know, at the age That’s what I wanted a career for. I wanted to be focused on what I love. “, said Alina Pușcău, for Cristi Brancu’s show.

Alina Pușcău

[Sursa foto: Captură tv]

Alina Pușcău, about Leonardo DiCaprio: “He is not an extra”

Vin Diesel was not the only famous man that Alina Pușcău conquered with her qualities. Leonardo DiCaprio was also fascinated by the star and finally managed to conquer her, but their relationship ended quite quickly.

The model said that what attracted her to the actor was his simplicity, but also the fact that he knew how to listen to her and always support her: “He is a simple man, he is not an extra, he is a man who listens to you, he is a simpler man than a normal man. We have known each other since we were 16. I left Romania a long time ago and I intersected with different people who are now strong in business. “, said Alina Pușcău about Leonardo DiCaprio.

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As for what the beautiful brunette currently wants from her partner, Alina says that it is essential that the man next to her knows very well what he wants from life and is willing to build a serious, long-lasting relationship: “To be honest with him, to know what he wants. To understand the idea of ​​a relationship. That is to build. From my mistakes I learned to behave with a man, that I was more masculine than feminine. That matters a lot, to he knows how to be a man and what he wants from him. “, said the actress.

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