Does Coscu return to reactions? The tweet about Anuel AA’s Music Session

Monday night Bizarrap broke everything by announcing that his next Music Session is going to be with nothing less than Anuel AA, one of the pioneering reggaeton artists and key in the history of the genre.

In addition to generating literally millions of positive interactions on his social networks, the ad reignited the spark of reactions to Coscu, which has stopped making that content a while ago to focus more on gaming.

The only way to get back to the reactions was a matter of the Byza with Anuel“were the words that Coscu wrote from his personal Twitter account.

So much so that the last reaction he has re-uploaded to his YouTube channel is that of “DOMI” by Lucho SSJ feat. Nickzzy, dating from September 29.

In the last hours, Coscu also made headlines for giving an ultimatum through Twitter to a person who owed him money a long time ago.

“I never wanted to create quilombo huh, but they have been looking for me for a long time,” the streamer began and, when he saw that several users asked him for context, he continued: “There is no context, nobody knows anything, because I am not to do these things , but I have no other choice, to protect my colleagues and myself it is likely that today I will have to go out and speak. There is no @ but today at 8:00 pm if they don’t pay me there will be “.

After the tweet and some statements made on Twitch, the person who owed him money ended up paying off his debts, which Coscu disliked because of the ways in which things had to turn out.

What a shame I have to get to this point to get the batteries to work. Had to go out to tweet for it to be resolved, it was obvious“, Hill.

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