Does it convince you? Julián Álvarez’s future in River and a special advice from Rafa Borré

The Colombian, who went to the Bundesliga in the last transfer market, referred to the situation of Araña and argued that the best thing for the attacker would be to stay in the Millionaire a little longer.

Julian Alvarez

Yes OK River still celebrates obtaining the League Professional and prepares for the Trophy Champions, the truth is The possibility of Julián Álvarez being transferred worries many. In this regard, the former player of the Millionaire Raphael Santos Borré He referred to the situation of the Spider and advised him “spend one more time in River“.

My advice would be to spend a little more time in River, which is the place where you are feeling comfortable and make the decision to come to Europe when you feel more secure and prepared to face the challenge.“, expressed the Colombian in a press conference via Zoom.

Rafael Santos Borré

Beyond advising you to continue in the Millionaire, Borré also highlighted the great advance of the Spider in the last time and his growth as a footballer in River: “He is a great player who has learned many things over time. He was able to share with great forwards, the same thing that happened to me: the Nacho Scocco, the Lucas Pratto, Rodrigo Mora … One of the great virtues that Juli has is that he is a very multifunctional player, many times he throws himself to the right, to the left, he appears from the inside and does a lot of damage in all those positions“.

Gallardo and Borré

Borré, on the future of Gallardo in River

Another of the topics he touched Rafael Santos I erased It was the continuity of the coach Marcelo gallardo on River. About, The Colombian compared the DT’s decision with the one he had to make when emigrating to Eintracht Frankfurt and highlighted how complicated such a decision is.

Marcelo was looking for the title he needed and now a difficult decision is coming up for him. As it happened to me, leaving the club is very difficult and more so for him who identifies much more than anyone. If he stays, he will keep trying to put River on top. And if not, it is prepared to direct anywhere in the world“, he expressed.

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