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Does Kanye West end his romance with Irina Shayk because of Kim Kardashian? These are the tests

A few weeks ago it was rumored that the relationship between Irina Shayk and Kanye west It had ended after they were seen together celebrating the rapper’s 44th birthday and from there they will start dating; but this love story has now concluded definitively, since the rapper their romance ended with the Russian model and it seems that everything would be for fault from Kim kardashian, this is how some sources close to it point out.

Despite his divorce, Kanye west and Kim kardashian They continue to frequent each other: they never stopped seeing each other for their four children and they continued to support each other in their careers, as the socialite did by attending the presentation of the rapper’s latest record material. Throughout this process, Kanye held a Romance with Irina Shayk but it seems that now, the cause of your romance will end It has to do with Kim. Is she the culprit?

Was Kim Kardashian the reason Kanye West and Irina Shayk broke up?

Irina Shayk was not entirely happy with the closeness Kanye West still had with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, according to information published in The Mirror. The model did not feel comfortable that the two maintained contact despite their divorce, which could be proof that they ended their romance by fault of the socialite.

Photo: AP

“Kim doesn’t mind that Kanye is dating. Her only concern is her children, she wants him to be present and spend as much time with them as possible. Kids love it when Kanye is near. Kim doesn’t want a new girlfriend to distract Kanye from spending time with the kids“, pointed a source to People.

On February 19, Kim kardashian He filed for divorce from Kanye west after almost seven years of marriage. Since then, the couple have tried to rebuild their lives: the rapper, dating Irina Shayk (with whom now their romance ended) and socialized her by opening her heart and asking her friend Victoria Beckham to help her find a new boyfriend.

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