Does mexico use the force to maintain quarantine? “The law contemplates, but it would be late”: López-Gatell


Then you make a powerful call energetic to the mexicans to not come out of their houses for a month and expect to spend the contingency for the infection of Covid-19 or coronavirus, the Undersecretary of Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell has not ruled out the use of force to keep people in quarantine.

However he clarified that if the government will take extreme measures like that have already been taken in other countries, in Mexico, as “it would be too late.”

At the conclusion of the press conference this evening he was questioned about whether they have provided for more severe measures to keep people in their home, Lopez-Gatell said that even if the law contemplates an appeal is made to the responsibility of the people.

“We have great opportunities to have people responsible, active, and we celebrate and we respect and thank all and those people and organizations and governments,including the state, who have taken decisive actions, then, the public sentiment is that we need to do something but we say with clarity that something we have to do it all,” he said.


Upon appeal to not wait for that care or those measures come from the government, Lopez-Gatell added which is not desirable in the handling of an epidemic to reach extreme situations such as we see today in Europe and where it is formally declared states of emergency and suspended the individual guarantees and to use the public force to strengthen the measures of health.

And he stressed:

“It is not desirable, that’s why we call for a vigorous, emphatic, unmistakable to stay at home, all and all, it is the best way voluntarily, consciously decide to stay home at the same time… all the possibilities are, and Mexico’s legal framework contemplates but we would not get to that point, because if we get to that point, is because it is too late, then we need to act now,” he said.


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