“Does the director have a special vision? Abbreviated facial expression”

Natalie Portman, who has also dabbled in directing in her career and is part of the May-December cast alongside Julianne Moore, disagrees with the stereotype of the “special female gaze” when it comes to female directors.

Natalie Portman gave an interview to Vanit Fair France to also talk about May Decemberwith whom he plays Julianne Moore and it made its way through the Cannes Film Festival, recently acquired by Netflix. This movie is from Todd Haynesbut as an artist who has also tried her hand at directing in her career, Natalie has something to say about stereotype belonging to “special female gaze” directors.
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Natalie Portman: ‘Directing has nothing to do with gender’

Natalie Portmanrecently May December From Todd Haynesshe tried her hand at directionthe first short film included in a collective film New York I love you (2008), then with To dream is to live (2015), from the novel A Tale of Love and Darkness by Amos Oz. However, with a long career behind him, he doubts making concessions. directors one “special kind“, actually think a little about this way of thinking stereotyped and ultimately not entirely in favor of women.

Women directors should have the same opportunities as their male colleagues, but the experience of working with a director is about the person, not their gender. To say that the director has it”special kind” AND reductive for the individuality of women and their point of view. (For example, Todd Haynes) has a deep understanding of human behavior. His female characters are complex and three-dimensional.

May December talks about Elizabeth Berry (Natalie Portman), the actress called upon to play a real person on screen, Gracie Atherton-Yu (Julianne Moore), famous for his scandalous affair twenty years earlier, with the then thirteen-year-old Joe (Charles Melton), more than twenty years younger than her. Elizabeth is invited as Gracie’s guest to the Maine coast, trying to explore the family Gracie and Joe have created anyway, but putting pressure on its dynamics…

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