Does your dog fuss in the car too? Listen to this Spotify playlist created by Škoda for your four-legged friend

Many dogs are terrified of getting into a car. To help them reduce stress, Škoda and a British canine expert have created a playlist to listen to in the car with your dog. There is something for all tastes, for two and four legs

To go to the vet, reach a path surrounded by nature or go on vacation with your four-legged friend, the car can be really indispensable. But does your dog think exactly like you? Maybe yes maybe no. Many would gladly do without it.

In fact, not all dogs like to get around in the car and how to blame them. They too suffer from carsickness and whatever the reason for moving, having to get into the car it can generate anxiety, stress, panic attacks in the animal. In short, psychological (as well as physical) malaise.

For this the car manufacturer Škoda has launched a Spotify playlist with the name happy hounds designed for all families traveling with their pets on board. The songs were chosen at the suggestion of British behaviorist Anna Webb.

Just like in us humans, music has a calming effect on dogs too and can be a valuable aid for the most anxious animals.

The music in this playlist is scientifically proven to ease a dog’s anxiety in the car, thanks to its slow BPM (beats per minute), calming tones, and repetition. It will be supported by Anna’s science and experience over its 20 years in business, Škoda wrote.

In the playlist there are pieces able to satisfy all passengers, not just the four-legged ones. There is something for all tastes: Harry Styles, Bob Marley, Adele, Coldplay but also Elvis Presley, ABBA and Pink Floyd for the more nostalgic. There are also hits of the moment such as Flowers by Miley Cyrus.

All that remains is to get in the car with Fido and start the playlist. It will then be he/she who suggests his/her favorite songs with the relative benefits of listening. Dogs have musical preferences. A survey has revealed, for example, which Christmas songs are most loved by British dogs.

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Source: Škoda UK

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