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Venice 80 – Competition

France/USA, 2023 Direction Luc Besson translators Caleb Landry-Jones, Christopher Denham, Marisa Berenson Duration 114′ Distribution Lucky Red

Luc Besson arrives in Venice for the first time with one of his films and enters through the main door. dog man actually claims the Golden Lion, which is a great satisfaction for the French director, screenwriter and producer after a difficult period both from a personal and professional point of view. Besson’s last great success was Lucyin 2013, also thanks to the main character Scarlett Johansson, followed by Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, an ambitious sci-fi based on one of the director’s favorite comics. At a cost of $177 million, it grossed $225 million at the worldwide box office, which was not the success he had hoped for. It is probably for this reason that the following feature film was created: Annahas the scale of a small movie built on a soothing structure Nikita, one of his greatest hits. Almost after leaving EuropaCorp, the production company he founded, with which he wanted to compete with American studios, Besson was able to concentrate again on cinema as an author. The fact is that dog man was chosen by the selection committee and artistic director Alberto Barbera to participate in the international competition of the 80th Venice Film Festival – confirmation of this. The film tells the story of a child who was abused by his father and was saved thanks tolove for your dogswho, growing up, will become inseparable companions of life. And about revenge. Another well-known score Metro AND Leona mysterious anti-hero with a painful past, and in the case of the assassin played by Jean Reno, infallible and deadly.

Frame from the movie “Dog Man” (2023)

As the protagonist of Dogman we find Caleb Landry Jones, one of the most talented actors who have gained international fame in recent years. He has collaborated with directors such as Doug Liman (American Made, with Tom Cruise), Martin McDonagh (Three billboards in Ebbing) and Justin Kurzel, who Nitram he sewed him the role that led him to win the Best Actor award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, and it looks like another big test on his part is to be expected. In the cast of “Dogman” we also find Marisa Berensonformer muse of Stanley Kubrick Barry Lyndon.

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