Doja Cat does not teach the breasts to their fans after the success of her new single



Fans of Doja Cat just take a disappointment considerable. The rapper had promised last week that if his new single in collaboration with Nicki Minaj ‘Say So’, it reached number one in the charts, she would teach them her breasts through the social networks.

At that time not clarified how it would manage to circumvent the strict regulations of the platforms like Instagram in regards to the female nude, but finally it turns out that you do not have to worry about this censorship, since all of it was a manoeuvre of advertising.

Although the song has climbed positions in the latest week to be placed in the position of honor on Billboard Hot 100, getting you the first number one to her and to Nicki, that he had more than a hundred entries throughout his career, Doja don’t think keeping your word.

“I’m going to be honest with you all, guys, I have played. I don’t think to teach you about the tits”, it has clarified the interpreter through a direct that has made this Tuesday on her Instagram. “I am ruthless, I know. To know, if you ever say that I am going to teach you about the te**s, it is a lie. And I don’t mind that from now on, suppose that no I am serious every time I try to use this same trick, although I will not do it. It’s all a lie, what are you going to do,” he concluded.