Doja Cat is back with Paint The Town Red

Paint the town red this is a new single from Doja Cat. Track coming in a few months Attention and will appear on the artist’s next album: the first all-rap album of his career.

As expected by the person concerned, the album will mark a dramatic change of course on its way, in stark contrast to the pop music of the past.

Paint the City Red by Doja Cat Now Available!

Beat is work Earl on the beatone of the biggest producers of the contemporary scene and a former employee of Drake (Privileged Rappers), city girls (act up) and Megan T Stallion (hot girl summer). The base includes Pass byfamous 1964 hit by Dionne Warwick.

The title uses an English idiom (source: Cambridge Dictionary) to which it refers. fun. Doja Cat again lashes out at media criticism, declaring his intention to ignore it and live in total freedom – hence the link to the title (click HERE for full text):

Said my happiness is all your misery/I put a good dick in my kidneys /This Margel does not come without jealousy /My sickness doesn’t come without a cure / I have so much fun without Hennessy / They just need my love and my energy”

The rapper then released the song’s official video on Youtube, which re-imagines the horror aesthetic of this new recording era. In a movie really well done, we find Dodge the Cat fighting monsters, demons and the personification of Death itself.

As expected, this song will be part of the artist’s fourth recording. The concept of the album will likely revolve around the figure of Scarlet, the red witch, and it should be released before the end of October: in fact, on Halloween, the rapper will start the American leg of his tour, accompanied by Doechi AND ice spice.

Let’s hope that Dodja is also ready to land in our beautiful country, where she has not yet had the opportunity to speak. In the meantime, you just need to restore the video clip Paint the town red… good vision!

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