Doja Cat loses 500,000 followers on Instagram and complains: now I feel free

Doja Cat said she became much freer after half a million fans unfollowed her on Instagram due to some fights with her fan base.

Dodge Cat (Getty Images)

Dodge Cat (Getty Images)

Doja Cat celebrates the loss of hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Instagram, explaining that she finally feels free and that she has reconnected with the people who really matter. A few weeks ago, the singer quarreled with her fans, accusing them of unreliability. Criticism came when fans asked for something like an act of devotion towards them, which she refrained from doing on live television, explaining that she didn’t even know them. In addition, some fans criticized his relationship with streamer Jay Cyrus, whom some women accused of sexual harassment.

The singer replied that she did not care about their opinion: “I don’t care what you think about my personal life, I didn’t care and never will. Goodbye.” So after being rejected by hundreds of thousands of fans, Dodja Cat, who currently has 25 million followers on the Meta platform, posted a story in which she says she is happy that many have chosen not to follow her anymore, which has made her more free. (sic): “When I see all these people unfollowing me, I feel like I’ve defeated the huge beast that held me back for so long,” the singer said. “I feel like I can reconnect with important people.” in fact, and they love me for who I am, not for who I was. I feel free.”

In recent weeks clash with fans has reached a very high level. The controversy covered various areas, such as his real name, which he asked not to be used, especially the accounts that kept him as a name on social media – both the name and the fanbase were self-imposed. Doja Cat asked not to use her name: “Making my name your online alias sucks,” she tweeted ahead of a dispute over the name “Kittens” by which her fans identify, which she said was the name given drunk. teenager, pointing out that her fans don’t have to try to give themselves a name: “If you call yourself ‘Kitty’ or ‘Kitten’, that means you should hang up, get a job and help your parents around the house. .

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Harper’s Bazaar interview for the September cover, the singer elaborated, “My theory is that if someone has never met me in real life, then, subconsciously, I am not real to them. When people meet someone they don’t even know online, in a certain way they think they own that person. They think this person belongs to them. And when this person changes dramatically, there is a shock reaction that is almost impossible to control. wigs, I shave my head or my eyebrows. I have all the freedom in the world.” And he always explained to an American magazine: “I think that I deserve the love and respect of people whom I love and respect, and I think that respect for some people means different things.

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