“Dollar mash”: how much can be gained today with the high exchange rate gap

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Based on the difference between the official and blue dollar prices, many investors take the opportunity to “puree the dollar”. This operation consists of buying the US $ 200 allowed by the official regulation to the “solidarity” and then selling them in the parallel market.

It is worth remembering that the retail saver cannot access the wholesale exchange rate, which is the one that governs foreign trade, without taxes.

On the other hand, currently the puree is practically not profitable with the purchase of the MEP dollar, due to the convergence that the different alternative exchange rates have been having since the decision of the Central Bank to stop intervening in the price of the financiers to take care of the reserves.

This Wednesday, January 12, the saving or solidarity dollar, -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and a 35% on account of the Income Tax- it is trading at $ 179.83, just three cents higher than the previous day.

Meanwhile, the blue dollar falls 50 cents to $ 208.50 after matching its all-time high in nominal terms on Tuesday. However, it should be clarified that this is the sale price of the caves (purchase for the saver). The value they offer to absorb these bills is $ 204.50.

In this framework, if the person makes use of the entire quota of US $ 200, the puree leaves a profit of $ 4,934. This is because to buy a “green ticket” in the retail segment you need $ 35,966, While the sale of the u $ s200 to the blue implies keeping $ 40,900.

The current gap between solidarity and blue is the fifth highest in the last three months. Although the “spread” is at high levels, it is far from the unprecedented records observed in 2020.

With the MEP dollar

Now, if instead of acquiring savings dollar, it is decided to buy MEP dollar operating with the AL30 bond (the most liquid), the gain is practically nil, taking into account that the MEP operates this Wednesday at $ 203.70.

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