Dollar today: how much blue is trading for this Saturday, November 20

The blue dollar is located this Saturday at $ 198.5 for the purchase and $ 201.5 for sale, after the upload that I registered on Friday where showed an increase again, in line with the persistent but moderate increases in recent days.

Also in the last week showed a less dynamism compared to the pre-election, where reached $ 207, its maximum level historical.

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Dollar blue and gap

With this last variation, the price of the blue dollar I widened the gap again with respect to the official exchange rate.

Specifically, it exhibits a difference above 100% relative to the wholesaler and about 90% relative to the retailer.

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Financial dollar

Financial dollars that are traded with bonds in the last week registered strong increases. As the MEP stands at $ 203, while the counted with settlement (CCL) above 213 pesos.

In the last few days, the financial dollars obtained through bonds have been registering strong advances because the Central Bank (BCRA) stopped intervening in that market, which was carried out near the end of each day in order to stop the advance of these prices.

Meanwhile, the financial dollars whose operation is not limited show generalized increases of up to 1% and are listed between $ 215 and $ 219, based on the average of a basket of titles.

Dollar bank nation

Exchange rate wholesaler stands at $ 100.46 and had a weekly advance within the daily devaluation range that the monetary authority has been validating for several months.

For its part, the dollar retailer It is located at $ 105.50 in the screens of Banco Nacin and at $ 105.96 in the average of the financial entities that the BCRA reports.

dollar savings

Meanwhile, the saving dollar remains at more than $ 174 on average, about $ 26 below the parallel, in a context where purchase levels are at their highest for the year.

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Central Bank Sales

For its part, the BCRA sold dollars of its reserves again on Friday in the official exchange market to supply the demand in the wholesale market.

The monetary authority intervened with about $ 60 million, thus accumulating net sales of around u $ s 760 million so far in November.

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