Dollar today: how much the blue is trading at this Saturday, October 13

The blue dollar closed the week before the elections at $ 198 to purchase and $ 201 for sale, after partially moderating the strong rises that he was registering in recent days, which led him to touch the record of $ 207 for sale.

Thus the exchange rate gap remains above 100%. Specifically, the difference is located in almost 101% relative to the wholesale exchange rate and above 90% compared to the retail one.

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Dollar blue record

For three weeks, the ticket shows a strong upward pressure that has taken him on the last wheels to renew its record price.

For this reason, last week the Central Bank (BCRA) had to intervene indirectly by pouring dollars into the financial market to support the MEP and in this way, feed by means of the pur, the demand of the caves.

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The financial dollars, both the MEP and the CCL, which are made with AL30 bonds They are around $ 184.

At the same time, the dollar “Senebi”, regarded as the free financial dollar, because it is not “subsidized” by the BCRA, it trades at 215.5 pesos.

National Bank dollar

Exchange rate wholesaler stands at $ 100.22. Meanwhile, the dollar retail voucher $ 105.25 at Banco Nacin and $ 105.82 at the average for financial entities, according to Friday’s close.

In this way, the saving dollar stands at $ 174 on average, about $ 30 below parallel.

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