Dollar today: the free quote touched $ 200 and stretched the exchange rate gap to 100 percent

The free dollar rises to an all-time high
The free dollar rises to an all-time high

Days before the crucial legislative elections the free dollar registers a slight rise of 50 cents, to $ 199.50 for sale. In the morning he came to offer himself to 200 pesos for, to record a historical maximum price, which had already been probed intraday on Thursday, November 4.

The free dollar rises 33.50 pesos or 20.2% in 2021, a moderate increase if inflation for the period is considered, around 40 percent.

In the market wholesaler, place where the Central Bank intervenes with liquidity regulation operations, the greenback is agreed to $ 100.10, with a minimum profit of two cents.

Thus, the price gap between the official exchange rate and the “blue” dollar stands at 99.3%, after reaching 100% in the morning, something that had not happened since October last year.

“At the exchange level, beyond the respite granted by the latest measures on banks and which allowed for an important purchase of foreign currency from the BCRA, the challenge of managing net reserves it is still complex and that is why the balance of its interventions is concentrated daily ”, he warned Gustavo Ber, an economist at the Ber Study.

“On ‘hold on’ mode they also follow the regulations on financial dollars, and even on some more free references, in order to calm the search for coverage of economic agents in these last rounds before the 14-N, since then said strategy would not be sustainable and hence the expectation for definitions regarding the future of the exchange rate policy grows ”, added Gustavo Ber.

The Bookings Central Bank international markets increased USD 11 million this Monday, to 42,796 million of dollars.

According to estimates of Gustavo Quintana placeholder image, agent of PR Corredores de Cambio, “entered on the date USD 237 million from the IDB and USD 59 million from the World Bank”, Credits from multilateral organizations that will reinforce the level of international assets of the monetary entity.

Although it reaches record prices, the free dollar exhibits throughout 2021 an evolution that lags well behind inflation

According to a report by First Capital GroupIn October, deposits in USD decreased by USD 233 million, to end at USD 16,116 million in the tenth month of the year. Fixed terms in dollars decreased 2.3%, about USD 89 million, while savings accounts in USD decreased 1.3%, about 156 million dollars.

First Capital Group reported that in October, total deposits within the financial system (Private and Public Sector) ended at $ 11.56 trillion, which, measured against the end of the previous month, represents a nominal increase of 4.6 percent. In year-on-year terms, the growth rate of fundraising was 54 percent.

In the last month, dollar deposits fell by more than USD 200 million

If total deposits are broken down by type of currency, those nominated in pesos closed the month at $ 9.68 trillion, a nominal increase of 5.5 percent.

In year-on-year terms, the variation in October 2021 amounted to 57% compared to the same month of 2020. Regarding those nominated in dollars, deposits decreased 0.8% compared to the previous month, to end October at USD 18,925 million, although year-on-year the rise was 11.3%, the study added.


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