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Domestic sewage pipe

August 30 – 2023

Edgardo Cabrera

This is not the first time racketeering allegations against business establishment owners have been revealed. Commission to protect health risksor, hiding from friends, say, companies doing business with new, self-righteous integrated care medical modules, foisting sad histories on bureaucrats.

In that unit, violations, verbal abuse, and cynicism are commonplace. First of all, the predecessor of the current boss is her father, yes! Succession only happens in Tlaxcalawhy not? If the example is in the executive branch where the granddaughters of two former presidents served as governors, then the oligarchy is here, praised and defended by the seals.

The former health risk committee director broke the health risk committee scandal Rotten food in hospitals and clinics from the health department, #Lord Francisco First he turned a blind eye, then he covered up the anomaly with that sad press conference where he said no junk food because “Nobody showed pictures of gastroenteritis.”

They hid the appointment last January and the exit wasn’t revealed until after we aired, but imposed His daughter #LadyJazm√≠nwe are told, he has been removed from mobile secretary. Since she arrived in the health department, things have gone from bad to worse. Not only has she taken office, but a big event has happened in the family. She has made her niece, nephew, cousin, and lover her unit as her governor.

It’s not over, a letter to the needy public function secretary They gave the catchphrase of cases of nepotism and alleged corrupt practices, and how the “cartel” worked, and they documented a series of anomalies, which we’ll get to later, but where are the main prisoners bars, clubs and restaurants the owners.

Remember, the lair of porn stars posing naked in the middle of the public avenue, in front of delegations. minister of civil securitythey shut it down because of the scandal, but then they licensed it to operate, even though the law prohibits topless shows in those places, well, this is just one obvious example, but there are many complaints of corruption, photos and videos they send us, Prove the existence of the cartel.


With a new start school cycle Facts overthrow lies again homer A few weeks ago, he assured that the single uniform was a sad success for the government, that there were no shortages and parents had no problem obtaining it.

He made the same assurances about free textbooks, which he took for granted, and argued that in Tlaxcala they would be distributed without problem and students would receive them at the beginning of classes, unlike disaffected The “evil” countries ruled by the opposition are different. with their content.

Well it turns out the lie was exposed on the first day it turned out the students didn’t arrive in their crappy horrible unique school uniform because they couldn’t buy it or because they didn’t have enough money to buy it . Secretary Devo said that in the textbooks, there are more than 500,000 volumes that have not been delivered, the problem is that the federations have not delivered them, let’s not even talk about material packages, none at all! , neither, attests to the mediocrity of this sad story, good for deals but bad for delivering results and governance.

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