Domina 2: plot, trailer, cast, Kasia Smutnyak

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Power in Ancient Rome during the reign of the famous Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor. Fight through the eyes of a woman. Livia Drusilla, third wife of Octavian Augustus.. Which, no matter what privileges they have, are still forced to remain one step behind men. But that doesn’t stop her. The secret is really how to make the most of every little opportunity. Tonight the second season of the series will be released on TV, with new intrigues, power struggles and unexpected turns of events. Dominate.

The series, which tells the story of one of the most interesting periods of Roman history, the Julio-Claudian dynasty, begins with the first two episodes (of 8, broadcast on 4 Fridays) at 21:15 on Sky. Atlantic (on demand and streaming on Now).

Kasia Smutniak is still Livia Drusilla: where we left off

The main character, I repeat, Kasia Smutnyak, as Domina Livia Drusilla. Who perfectly got used to the role of a strong and determined woman.

Domina 2 (2023) with Kasya Smutnyak.  Photo Sky

Everything you need to know about the series Domina 2 with Kasya Smutnyak, which returns to TV tonight with 8 new episodes (photo Sky)

In the first season, Livia Drusilla returned to Rome after ten years in exile. She is determined to get back everything that was stolen from her. Find love at the risk of losing it. But he never gives up. Driven by the ideal of restoring the Republic, she stops at nothing. Intrigues and conspiracies are her daily life, but at the same time she never loses self-respect.

Domina’s second season picks up the story, with the heir to Claudia’s powerful family now leading a fractured empire and dysfunctional dynasty. She will have to fight to save her marriage to Guy and become increasingly determined to ensure that one of her children sits on the throne. While rivals new and old strive for the same honors, in a world where it is impossible to know who to trust.

The plot of “Domina” 2

Second season of Domina resumes in 19 BC, when Gaius and Livia return to Rome after three years in the eastern provinces.. Since Marcello’s murder in Season 1, Livia has worked to repair the marriage on which all her strength and ambition depend, but she will face threats both old and new. Guy and Livia are shocked to find their city in revolt and Livia’s children openly rebelling. Over the course of eleven turbulent years, sex, murder, betrayal and power struggles await.culminating in the murder of Drusus and Livia’s discovery of the terrible truth behind it.

Throughout the season, Livia will have to fight harder than ever to fulfill her sacred oath to her father to restore the Republic and democracy in Rome.

Livia will need all her intelligence, ambition and cunning to navigate the increasingly turbulent sea of ​​Roman politics. With more and more blood on his hands, he will struggle with the corruption of his soul and face the terrible final choice between power and revenge. Can he achieve both?

International cast, including Hollywood stars and Oscar winners.

Kasia Smutniak heads the international team. Created, among other things, Matthew McNulty (already seen in Losers) as Gaius, Emperor Augustus, husband and accomplice of Livia. Who never before realizes the importance of the presence and support of this incredible woman. Claire Forlani (already the main character Meet Joe Black With Brad Pitt) instead Octavia, Gaius’ sister. A woman seeking revenge for the death of her son Marcello, for which she blames Livia.

Christine Bottomley (The end of the f***ing world) – Scribonia, second wife of Guy, mother of Julia and mortal enemy of Livia. Against this backdrop, she is trying to develop a plan for revenge in order to preserve her well-deserved inheritance. Ben Butt (Captain America: The First Avenger) plays the role of Agrippa, a childhood friend of Gaius and the husband of his only daughter Julia, as well as a general and later consul. Their relationship, however, will be jeopardized by unexpected consequences that will force Agrippa to make difficult decisions.

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Even among the technical staff there are names of great professionals. Among them, the Oscar winner stands out. Gabriella Pescucciwho created the costumes for the series. Luca Tranchino (Jail break) took care of the scenography, Katya Sisto (Penny is terrible) makeup and Claudia Catini (Trust: The Getty Kidnapping) hair design.


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