Dominic Wolfe is not doing well, he is in emergency hospital: what’s wrong with him?

dominic wolfe was a German YouTuber declares he is in love with Colombia.Foreigners settled in our country about eight years ago and since then Been to countless “magical places” across the country. Through his social networks, he has repeatedly expressed his satisfaction with the food, culture and scenery he travels.

Recently, the internet celebrity has been the subject of a major controversy because, through a letter The Colombian Football Association informed him that he was suspended from wearing the Colombian national team jersey Because there are no rights to the image.

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After this disturbing situation ended, the Germans He had no choice but to stop using the iconic Colombian national team diver, followers lamented that he had gone through such an uncomfortable situation. However, Dominic Wolfe He decided to have his own shirt to represent his love for this country, and he continues to visit its amazing places.

In order to continue to showcase the beauty and beautiful landscapes of Colombia, This YouTube user visited some places in Inirida, Guayniain his social networks he shared the best photos, showing:

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“Despite the had a rough few daysI arrive at a new destination in Colombia and I am still here with love and passion to show how beautiful Colombia is, as I always do.After arriving in Guaynia, this is already the 27th of the 32 provinces I have visited in Colombia It becomes clearer to me every day that what really represents Colombia is not one institution but its diversity, its landscapes, its gastronomy and above all its people.Waiting for the content, because sure everyone should find this out Colombia is a paradise.”

After the trip, he shared a series of stories on his Instagram account through the social network, revealing that he was hospitalized in Colombia for the first time, promising: “I was hospitalized in Colombia for the first time yesterday. I have been unable to do anything for three days due to gastroenteritis and kidney problems”.

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Although he says he’s been through some really tough days, he’s grateful for his girlfriend who has taken care of him during his recovery: “But on the positive side, I have a girlfriend who is always there for me and she takes care of me like a mother and makes me feel very happy and peaceful. I’m so grateful to have found that perfect person,” he said.

Dominic Wolf, a German who loves Colombia, talks about his return to Colombia

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