Dominic Wolfe released after ER stay: What happened to him?

Dominic Wolf, German influencer based in Colombia.

Photo: @dominiccolombia

German internet celebrity Dominic Wolf has been hospitalized for the first time since settling in Colombia eight years ago. The content creator confirmed to his fans that he had to go through some health issues due to gastroenteritis and kidney problems.

“Yesterday I was hospitalized for the first time in Colombia. I have been unable to do anything for three days due to gastroenteritis and kidney problems,” Dominique wrote on his Instagram account in a photo of him sitting In the clinic, the veins have been opened.

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Along with the photo, he also posted a video in which he assured that he was out of the hospital and feeling much better. “On the positive side, my girlfriend is always there for me and she takes care of me like a mother. It makes me very happy and calm,” he wrote.

The health problems of the influencer, who works to boost the country’s image on social networks, began after he returned from a trip to Guaynia. Guaynia was another province he had yet to discover. “After arriving in Guarnia, this is already the 27th of the 32 provinces I have visited in Colombia,” he told his followers.

As Dominic posed a series of questions to his followers, one of them asked him what he ate while traveling that might have caused a gut infection. “I really don’t know, I haven’t eaten anything weird, and it’s not bad. It’s the fourth day of this, although I feel better today,” he replied.

Finally, the German sent a thank you message to his followers, assuring them he was already feeling better. “Thank you all for the well wishes. I am much better now, I can talk, smile, walk and eat very well. Yesterday and the day before yesterday were very difficult days and that is why they put me in the hospital. I continue to suffer from gastroenteritis and kidney disease problems, but hopefully they will go away tomorrow.”

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