Don a hat and nothing more! Alexis Ren is left to photograph as well


Alexis Ren smiles like there’s no tomorrow, you will note that what has gone wrong and now that everything was back don’t think to waste time on minutiae. And in addition you are on vacation in Africa, how not to smile!

The model has been escaped with her boy Noah Centineo on a trip where you will have time to mix work with fun, and judging by the publication, note that the time of relaxation and laughter is well taken advantage of.

If a while ago the dummy said to have problems with the power by the stress it generated your profession, you will note that everything has already happened. Now Alexis poses without censor themselveswith all that you get, or, as on this occasion with a single hat as a dress.

How can something so simple be so perfect?

With Alexis, yes.

Note that the model wants us to know that beneath this hat there is nothing of fabricthat with a simple accessory can cover the part of your body you don’t want to see it, cheeky and naughty so lets see among its stalwarts.

A publication of the most simple but we have also discovered something that we did not know of the mannequin. You like the tattoos.

A heart of tiny in one of his fingers it is one of the secrets of Alexis who just lost his condition, and all for not wanting to be discovered other!

Alexis returns to be considered the perfect partner for your also perfect boyfriend, Noah, as long ago happened with the one that was her partner. Though it finished as the rosary of dawn and did not return or contact the word.

Hopefully with Noa the thing go through other avenues. From time to time by Africa, with hats and tattoos.