Don Sommer Ray and Amanda Cerny without that! It is tiny!


If separately are bombs on the social network Instagram -where tend to be trend for your perched sensualtheir photographs risqué or their personal interviews, in which accounts intimate matters that are hungry for the faithful followers of one and another – when they are together Sommer Ray and Amanda Cerny they are one of the couples most successful of the known platform.

Not in vain among the two build up to a whopping near 49 and a half million followers. There is nothing. In the world of fitness, the life and career of Sommer Ray it could be said that it is the most successful of the Internet: is the one who has the most followers (over personalities as well known as Michelle Lewin or Jen Selter). And that fame came by chance.

The Denverlike Amanda, her friend today, brought to light their attributes and qualities, in order to accumulate followers in I camewhere were viral quickly. Ray was next to his mother, singing and dancing, then show that is considered one of the best rear of the network. The case of Cerny, although it is similar, it goes away.

The founder of Play Foundation was one of the bunnies world’s most famousso you already had a reputation for when he discovered the world of Instagram. After that, the Pittsburgh has joined followers without stopping for her statuesque figure.

And them two have been found, they share fame and success, and sometimes intimate momentsas this that have been the protagonists in a cold winter night, and that it has come to light. The video has no waste, because go out without your clothes usual, good lead walking and to walk home (yes, tight to their respective musculaturas) to the few who make a dance and you can see what little of their clothingthough most even the of Cerny. Of course, there is the magic of mark butt.