Don Sommer Ray has more hard Natti Natasha!


Sometimes we wonder why nature has provided them with a physique so imposing as they have without stop to think what they do to care for him.

In this maintenance of curves, size and quantity proper routines sports and the gym are fundamental, miracles, and lotteries have no place in it.

Sommer Ray he knows this since he came to this world, it is seen that the that his father would be fisioculturista something has to do with its tendency to world of fitness and to become a model of the most quoted and with near 20 million followers, almost nothing.

The voluptuousness of her body has been guilty of that sometimes they compare it with the argentina Sol Perez because of its resemblance in size of rearapparently both profess mutual admiration.

The thing is that the body of Sommer is subject to strict routines sports to have the shape that you have. The dummy do not hesitate to share them through their networks in an attempt to encourage their followers with this sport.

And as you can see, the gymnast do not skimp on effort or intensity in sports. Stretches, crunches, bike, and sweat are some of the components of this round sports as hard or more as those carried out by Sol Pérez or the very Natti Natasha, amateur also to sessions of the turning anatomy and sweat, with spectacular results.

And in case outside little, or as a complement to Sommer and your business ‘Sommerthing’ dedicated to the sale of sports equipment of the most sensual makes it clear to us that the fitness is the most in your life. As for wanting to have a body like hers without going to the gym, it’s impossible!