“Don ‘T wake up every day thinking about being beautiful. According to the think-in, in order to be happy’


It has 1,78 height, but only on the leg to measure 1,08. It is a long and shape has beautiful, you are the image of the brand, Izabel Goulart, one of the world’s top model, the Brazilian with the most international success. He was 17 years old when she helped her mother with the shopping in the supermarket in the city, he was asked to be a model. He moved to St. Paul, and was soon a projection of the world of fashion. Almost two decades later, Izabel Goulart, the 34-year-old is one of the top models, the well paid in the world, and awarded with numerous titles and awards. However, the spirit is very obvious.

“Don’t Wake up every day thinking about his beautiful. According to the think-in order to be happy. If I walk into a room, I want to open people to a smile, give a laugh!”, he says the top modelque shines in ad campaigns for brands such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, Target, Givenchy, Diesel, Yohji Yamamoto, Calvin Klein, Garnier, Ralph Lauren, and obviously Victoria’s Secret, were it not for the spirit, But one of the more” sexy “angel”, the brand of the underwear.

The secret of this body claimed, in addition to genetics, there are the sober, in a relentless exercise routine. “Movement is my passion, work-out for the entire year. Even on an island vacation, I’m going to the local College and I’m doing a race on the beach,” he told the magazine in Person. “My job is to be a model, but I’m also an athlete, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a number of other things. To improve training, my focus, and you have helped me in times of stress and anxiety, and to success in many areas of life,” said in an interview with the magazine in a Good way. And the spirit, he could not have it, but they found love on the side of the athlete.

In the past year, the footballer Kevin Trapp, with whom he is dating since the year 2015 you have a marriage, and the mind, the urges, the seven winds, the he found, his partner, has promised that they are going the German language to learn.

“You can be sure that there will always be that one person changed her life in every way, and it makes you infinitely happy,” said the model. In an interview with the youtuber Matheus Mazzafera, the model and the people who love you, a lot has been put in question, the power of your passion, and entered, revealed bands of the taboo: “. About four to five times a week… If he loses? I can sleep hot, beautiful, fucking, heels, underwear… and If he wins, no one.

The couple lives in the city of light, where Kevin Trapp plays for Paris Saint-German, but Elizabeth confesses that prefereria life in Brazil.

“Living abroad is an option, because of the work. If I could, I lived in Brazil,” he complained. To celebrate, the 29-year-old groom, on the 8. Day of the month of July, Elizabeth had a surprise and romantic.Vendou Kevin and led him to the banks of the Seine, where you and Kevin have found a boat set up for a romantic evening. “What a surprise, great! I’m the happiest person in the world to have you in my life,” she shared with the players. .