Doña Paula votes on 100th birthday and says ‘it’s like rebirth’ – El Día de Gualeguaychú

Paola Aranda, the 100-year-old grandmother who has cured the board and the Argentina national team, was present at Sunday’s vote and stressed its importance.

National elections begin today, with some 35 million Argentines eligible to elect a new government against five presidential candidates, raising expectations whether a runoff will be needed to determine the next head of state.

The beloved neighbor of the El Sol community went to Pedro Edgardo Giachino Elementary School in heavy rain to cast her vote, although voting was not compulsory due to her age. It is worth noting that according to the law, people over the age of 70 are exempt from participating in elections.

Dona Paola said she spent two weeks in bed after an attack of pneumonia: “Today was the first day I went out and I decided to come and vote. I always vote, I never miss one,” she added.

“Voting is very important, I feel like I have just been born. It is a very great emotion,” said Dona Paola, adding that “the vote is secret”.

When asked about her health, the dear grandmother mentioned that she was feeling great now and that she was “blessed to be able to read without glasses at 100 years old.” Next, she thanked her neighbors who ran errands for her every day and kept her company on this rainy Sunday for their love.

A neighbor noted that Doña Paola always fulfilled her civic duty and went to vote. “Many times we told her ‘Don’t go, grandma,’ but she said it was an obligation and she would pay for it. It was a source of pride and we neighbors loved her.”

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