Donald Trump returns to Twitter (after more than two years) to share his photo

After an absence of two years and seven months, Donald Trump returned to Twitter (now called X) to share your picture with your followers.

The former US president, who was banned from the platform in early 2021 after his followers attacked Capitol Hill and feared “further calls for violence,” he still has almost 87 million subscribersto which, however, nothing has been written since January 8, 2021.

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Emanuele Capone

The first step to parting with Truth?

This absence ended on an Italian night when Trump arrested in Georgia on conspiracy charges To change the results of the presidential election, he posted an image of his photo, accompanied by the phrase “Interference in the elections! Never give up!” and from the address his website

At the time of writing, twitter has almost 750,000 likes, 260,000 retweets and about 135,000 comments, many of which in solidarity with prisoner P01135809. That is with Trump.

The former American President was re-accepted on Twitter November 19, 2022: The day before, Elon Musk (who recently took over ownership of the platform) asked people whether to reinstate Trump or not. The survey received about 15 million responses, of which 51.8% were in favor of readmission. What, however, at least initially, Trump did not seem to be particularly interested in: despite the fact that he urged supporters to vote for his reinstatementTrump has made it clear that he has no intention of returning to Twitter in the short term.

Indeed, at that moment the ex-president was busy True, this is his social network, which (in his words) is “going very well”. He must have changed his mind so much that a few months ago he announced his intention not to renew the agreement. exclusive contract which tied him to the platform he still remains active on, at least for now.

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Elon Musk and Twitter Dexterification

The new owner of Twitter was immediately among the strongest supporters of Trump’s return. has always called himself (at least theoretically) a defender of free speech: Prior to this, former President Musk resumed conservative channel profiles little beecomedian Kathy Griffin and controversial essayist Jordan Peterson, and (more recently) rapper Kanye West.

Musk, in his own way, welcomed Trump’s first tweet in 31 months: a repost of the former president’s tweet, Accompanied by the inscription “Go to another level.” and even responded with a big laugh to some of the comments posted under Trump’s first tweet. That’s not much, even though this return is quite significant in terms of further shifting Twitter to the right: among Republicans Ron DeSantis who decided to run for the next election right here, journalist (and white supremacist) Tucker Carlson who said that he would have his own information space on the Musk social network, which he would do too daily wirea site much loved by the American right, X seems to have indeed become what American conservatives wanted but failed to achieve with various Parlers, Gettrs, MeWe, and Truth itself.

‘Cause just take a walk Twitter (more than 50% of environmentalists have now left it)scroll through the twitter feed, you see this incomprehensible invasion of blue and light checkmarks phrases like “the bird is free now” or “now we can finally say what we want”, remember Musk’s decision to destroy the moderation team and prevent the removal of fake news about the coronavirus or even bring their positions closer to those of their subordinates on this issue. what is allowed on the platform (or not) and who is allowed to do it (or not), don’t be surprised if many media outlets on this and the other side of the Atlantic openly write that “Twitter dexterification is complete” or even that “Twitter has now become a far-right social network”.


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