Donald Trump used a monologue from the film for his election campaign.

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Air Tell us about Michael Jordan’s deal with sports giant Nike, which revolutionized the world of sports marketing, a success with both critics and the public. Today, months after its release, Ben Affleck’s film is again in the news due to its indiscriminate use of Donald Trump’s monologue.

Air was released on 12th May, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video bringing the story of historic partnership gave birth to the air jordan brand And it has forever changed the way athletes and enthusiasts interact with the world of sports.

In the past few hours the film starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck has again hit the headlines Controversial video made by Donald Trump for his election campaign. The US tycoon and politician’s campaign managers have posted a persuasive video on the Truth social network that superimposes the monologue narrated by Trump over images and archive clips of Trump. Matt Damon throughout the film.

In this regard, representatives of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck issued a statement dissociating himself from the use of his work, “We were not aware of the use of any aerial footage or audio as political advertising by the Trump campaign and do not consent or approve its use. In particular, all copyrights available to us under US copyright and intellectual property laws In terms of rights, we expressly disclose that in the event of any use of Air Content by the Trump Campaign where there is approval or consent, we do not provide such consent.”,

A clear stand by the team behind the film, therefore, despite the fact that the damage is probably already done, judging by the number of people who watched the former president’s commercial. For those interested, we leave you a review of the Air.


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