D’Onofrio spoke of the continuity of Gallardo in River

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The maximum president of River referred to the declaration of the Doll that indicated that he has to rethink his future in December and also assured that both DT and Francescoli were decisive for the sporting success of his management.

The River president spoke of the future of Marcelo Gallardo at the club and also praised the figure of Enzo Francescoli.
© Getty.The River president spoke of the future of Marcelo Gallardo at the club and also praised the figure of Enzo Francescoli.

The River world is torn between the joy of having achieved the Professional League in the absence of three dates for the end of the tournament and between the continuity of Marcelo Gallardo as technical director of the first team in 2022. The reality is that the Doll is a fixed alternative to any team or important team that is left without a technical director, a few weeks ago it sounded strong in Barcelona when Koeman left the Catalan team and in recent days the Uruguayan Football Association affirmed that the River coach is one of the candidates to lead the Uruguay National Team after the departure of Oscar Tabárez.

As he did throughout these years, Marcelo Gallardo decides to continue at the club at the end of the year. He takes stock of what has been done, analyzes the squad he has, talks with the leaders regarding possible highs and lows and also weighs up whether or not he will have the energy that a club as demanding as River needs. This year there is nothing different, the end of his contract is not a relevant detail since all the candidates for president want his continuity if he wins and neither was it in previous years when he still had a current relationship because no leader would have caused him problems in case having stepped aside.

River was crowned champion of the Professional League after beating Racing 4 to 0 at the Monumental and in the middle of the celebrations the Doll spoke with ESPN and affirmed that he deserves to have the necessary time to analyze his future, he also said that he already gave him everything to the club, which can be interpreted as a farewell message. But the reality is that the Doll at no time assured that he is going to leave, but that he will do what he does every year: a complete balance of the year that passed and what he projects for the following year and there he will make the decision. and will communicate it in mid-December when River ends its participation in 2021.

The continuity of the Doll

“I did not listen to Gallardo’s statements because he was also celebrating on the field of play but I did read them. The truth is that I think he is a very sincere manHe always does it and even thinks about the game and says what really happened, I listened to other coaches in other years and they said we deserved to win and I asked myself ‘what game did you see?’ Marcelo always tells you the truth and what he feels, it may happen that he keeps for himself some analyzes that have to do with his life. I can’t tell you if he stays or goes, what he said yesterday I think is an act of telling his state of mind and then he will make the decision, he did not say yes or no, only what is being rethought ”, affirmed Rodolfo D’Onofrio in dialogue with the radio program La Inmensa Minoría that is broadcast on Radio Con Vos.

The importance of Enzo Francescoli

Rodolfo D’Onofrio, who is passing his last weeks as president of River, valued two fundamental pieces for the sporting success of his administration: “In sports, Gallardo was a key part of my management, first it was Francescoli who I called him from the beginning, one thinks he knows a lot about football but there are people who know a lot more and I called Enzo. He was the one who told me to call Marcelo and Marcelo came with a fantastic team, many times no one talks about Matías Biscay by Hernán Buján or Dr. Sandra Rossi ”.

Championship happiness and sporting success

I am very happy for many reasons, one because many things happened yesterday, again listening to the full stadium that could come after almost two years, after just playing a game where you can be champion, all things happen “, said D’Onofrio and then concluded : “LTo win the 15th championship in my 8 years of management is something wonderful but achieved through having a project, a work team and the best that surround me. You always have to surround yourself with the best, examples are Enzo Francescoli or Gallardo and they have had their teams too ”.

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