“Don’t Be a Coward and Assume Your Responsibility!”, Says Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera joins the suffering of his followers, and also raises his voice demanding justice.

Monique Muñoz lost her life, she was only 32 years old … Chiquis demands justice

Chiquis Rivera is no stranger to pain. Jenni Rivera’s daughter does not ignore the anguish of her followers and through social networks she expresses her support, even raising her voice demanding justice. This, exactly, was Chiquis’s reaction to the painful case of 32-year-old Monique Muñoz, who lost her life due to a car accident, and that is that a Lamborghini SUV hit her Lexus, it was destroyed, she lost her life, and the young man who was driving the other vehicle suffered head injuries. He did not lose his life, he is 17 years old.

Muñoz’s family demands justice. Through social networks, many speak out on their behalf. They ask that this young man take responsibility for his actions, especially since he was the one who exceeded the speed limits; I was going 120 miles per hour.

Chiquis Rivera has joined this cry for justice. She also asks the young man to take charge and answer for his actions, which led to another human being losing his life. “Don’t be a coward and assume your responsibility!” Chiquis wrote on his social networks. “This whole story is so sad. My prayers are with the Muñoz family, ”Rivera added.