Don’t stop looking at! Becky G surprised their fans with an outfit very short What mujerón!


Becky G has not ceased to surprise the media since its inception

Singer Becky G is without doubt a young man that since I was a little girl has fought for their dreams, let us remember that on several occasions participated in some advertisements and some TV programs to be announced.

One of their units more controversy was in the program Two Francisco, there was one song of the beloved Selena Quintanilla, after that we all became enamored of the small, Becky.

And this time, we have seen a small video which has stolen the heart in matters of seconds because we can see that the singer Becky G is a pose very eye-catching.

What is striking is that the artist has put an outfit short which helps to highlight her figure. Note that the singer spends long hours in the gym and that your diet is very healthy.

The video that we quote the following: “you saw the video? #TheyAintReady @russelltandy_” This simple comment triggered the social networks and their fans did not hesitate to comment on the gif of the singer.