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Don’t worry dear

mariarosa mancuso

Miracles of the Harry Styles concert in Campovolo, the last leg of a long tour. The graceful young man not only speaks Italian, but correctly says: “I want you to have as much fun as possible.” He brings back this Olivia Wilde film, once full of gossip (the director had a soft spot for Harry Styles, ex-One Direction, had more screaming fans at the Venice Film Festival than Timothée Chalamet) and bickering. : Actress Florence Pugh was not in Venice for the promotion. Olivia Wilde was the director of the very entertaining “Bookshop” (murdered, there is no other term, by the Italian distributor, who called it: “Revenge of the Losers”). “Don’t Worry Darling” tells the story of a community in the middle of the desert: houses with gardens, appliances, mobile bars, clothes from the 50s. It could be a sitcom: he comes home and drops his briefcase, she puts her arms around his neck with a kitchen apron over her dress . All the husbands work for the company that built the village and the pool. They are not desperate housewives, Florence Pugh always smiles and serves decanters of martinis at dinner parties. The only oddity is the very closely framed pupils, which turn out to be dancers in the Busby Berkeley musical. Of course there is a trick. Happiness has a price. The black neighbor begins to show signs of imbalance. The atmosphere is retro, as is the moral of the story.

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