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Doom Eternal

Video games have so of pretty the main character is charismatic, heroic, and in accordance with your character.. but not so with Doom Slayer, a man who does not speak and does not have a name, that is the only purpose in life is to destroy the demon. However, this does not mean that he is less famous because he has managed to represent the feelings of the players with a choice, if you play Doom. With the presence of loss: the Eternal festive, the player back in control of the Slayer, in view of the above, we feel this is a good opportunity to recall the origins of this character, his legacy for decades, and the plot of which revolves around the modern version of the anti-heroes-video games, the most of the story.

The origin and heritage

Doom Slayer first appeared in Doom, released in 1993, and at that time it was simply referred to as the Marine, although the player seems to him the nickname of ” Doom Guy and then Doom Slayer, a name with this character. the Marine a name and sound for the reason is simple: it is designed to the avatar of the player is expressed by the Creator John Romero. But by the cover of the game, and with his face can be in this part of the face, we know he is a male Caucasian, with eyes and hair is brown.

To say without taking anything, the Navy is able to display a great personality, by the animation of his face by the smile of the sadist, he will show you when you pick up new weapons, until the anger in his eyes when he was attacked. To change his adventure in Doom II and Final Doom, without much, until the release of Doom III.

Doom III was launched in the year 2004, at the time of the chart-video-game is already much better than when the game at the beginning of the game on the Sega. Aware of the relics of Doom, id Software decided to create a game that is very ambitious with Doom III, not just in terms of graphics and technical, but also in the gameplay and the narrative. In this time the face of the Navy can clearly be seen, during the game, especially in the cinematic scenes, but this part remains a mystery. In addition, he is referred to only as the Marine, even by the other characters, and he’s still not the speech.

Doom Eternal

There is some conflicting information about the Doom Marine, in which case, it’s still a Marine of the same, with in other games. The instructions in the manual version-various versions throughout the year that indicate that he’s still the same character, although it is not entirely clear. However, its properties are to remain the main the same, where he appeared again as a killing machine demon without mercy, although in some ways a little more restrained compared to in-version of the original.

We also have an expansion of Doom III, and later, Doom RPG, the released was, for the mobile platform, which also shows that you still have the same character as in previous games. But it is an audio file indicating that the version of ni is Blazkowicz from the Wolfenstein. However, we believe that this is just a joke on top of the Easter eggs and not the actual condition.

Doom (2016)

And here we are, in the reboot in 2016 Doom. This is probably the fate of most widely used to explore the past of these characters, while the leave are still interpreted too many questions open. Here, in the case of the Navy, officially referred to as the Doom Slayer, and if this game runs, he in the sarcophagus, the devil at the seat of the UAC on Mars. Doom is not a game that brings the player to a lot of exposure, and the Doom Slayer itself showed little patience for you. However, if you decide to read the documents you find, and audio files that you can unite several pieces of the puzzle about the background of the Doom Slayer.

As is the case in the previous games, Doom Slayer this time, but show some emotions by a small animation. The way he threw the computer at the beginning of the game shows that he is not samuel Hayden (President of the UAC) respects, and not long after that, when he heard Samuel Hayden said the same, that all they are doing for the humanity (with the dead body of an officer lying on the ground), this powerful feeling turned into pure anger. In fact, quite clear that in all of the campaign Doom Slayer only one purpose: to stop the demon invasion. All of the other, and, above all, the goal of the secondary of Samuel Hayden is clearly not ignored.

One of the strengths of Doom the honor of the kills, which can destroy the player who the demon is, if you are helpless. The cruelty and brutality of the animation this animation clearly shows the hatred and dislike, which is owned by Doom Slayer against beings like the demon. Killing is sometimes not enough, because sometimes he has it in the most cruel and sadistic that could be done, not just to send a message to the demon of the other, but more than anything, because he can’t keep his temper.

But it is not all about Doom Slayer it comes to violence, there are moments of contact that can be searched players. If The Slayer her toy cute (collectable hidden in the map), he for a moment to relax, to play with their dolls, and sometimes give him a greeting by the fist of love. Other situations, which shows the sense of humor of this character (and id Software) is when the player die, buried in the lava, where the Doom is make the Slayer, the OK-sign to the right before disappearing in a sea of melted. A tribute to that clear enough for arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

If the exclusion of the personality, we soon realized that the Doom Slayer is not an ordinary person, but something else. UAC try to be awake and alert to study after him in a sarcophagus in hell, but all efforts to revive him, in vain. Also his armor, Preator suit, it works only for the Demon Slayer only.

By the messages on the Mars and in hell, it could be concluded that the Doom Slayer has to be chaos among the demons for quite a long time, since the writings of the demon, to show how great the fear and anxiety associated. If the demon tells the scary story to the children before they go to sleep, Doom Slayer is clearly a version of the Boogie-man to them.

A little more investigation shows that the Doom Slayer actually has a relationship with the guardians, the knights of the planet Argent D’Only has to stop a mission to, of all the powers of hell. There is even a reference that shows that Doom could have Slayer, the commander and the soldiers their best, although it seems he is a man also shows that he was born on earth, not in the Argent D’Only.

In demon’s it is said Testament, to stop all the efforts, the Doom Slayer in the past, it is all useless, including the creation of a demon by the name of Titan. But at the end of the demon have managed of priests, to use the anger of the Doom Slayer, the destroy against their own, the use of the recording in the tomb U-Bahn to the entire structure, locked him in a sarcophagus of the damned. There, Doom Slayer, remain in a state of sleep, and an agent protected the power of the Argent dawn, until the demons of Mars, attacked and woke him up after falling asleep for centuries.

Doom Eternal (Caution Spoiler)

We have not many know the story in Doom: Eternal, but the games of 2016 has left some clues about the narrative. For starters, we know that Doom Slayer was betrayed by Samuel Hayden at the end of the game that shows what the return in this sequel (he even appeared briefly in the trailer). Hayden steals the crucible found by Doom Slayer to admit but, can not place lot of him, so that he can teleport, and we decided to tele, the Slayer of an unknown.

But Doom Slayer is not alone. In a certain point in Doom, the protagonist of the artificial intelligence is forced to destroy it, known as the VEGA, which is responsible for controlling headquarters in the Mars. But obviously prior to its destruction, the Doom Slayer managed a coffee kind of USB-stick futuristic. Vega will not be discussed again in Doom, but this action shows that the artificial intelligence is alive and back in the Eternal.

In this moment we know that this continuation will be destroyed eight months after Doom, and a large part of the earth by the invasion of the demons. We also know, to know that the player can visit the planet of the guardian, which shows, to deepen that id Software, the past of these characters, and we are very impatient, that he did it in between all of the demon hunter.

Doom Eternal is out already, and you can spoiler read review here.

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